Women reign supreme in Family Court of Australia
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Women reign supreme in Family Court of Australia

Feminist-inspired Family Court bias against males

Women reign supreme in the Family Court system. They receive custody of the children in about 80% of cases. Their testimony and allegations are believed by the authorities and the police, often with tragic consequences. They are often egged on by greedy lawyers who know their tab will often be picked up by Legal Aid.

Years of feminist propaganda and enforced "gender sensitivity training" reminiscent of communist re-education camps, have created an illusory world in judges' minds whereby men are naturally evil and violent  and where women are saints who only harm or kill when driven by forces beyond their control.

Family of man wrongly jailed accuse courts of “anti-male bias” that led to an “obscene miscarriage of justice”.

The tragic case of the Harley Cuzens is one such example. His wife murdered two of their daughters before stabbing herself to death.


Jessica and Jane Cuzens

Jessica (left) and Jane Cuzens - murdered by their mother

He will be forever haunted by the tragedy — and the fact it could have been so readily avoided: Mr Cuzens had been warning the Family Court of Western Australia for almost a decade that she was capable of such frenzied filicide.


Eight years later, Mr Cuzens, who lives in Broome in the far northwest, has opened up for the first time about his feelings of betrayal at having not received so much as an apology from the court for its failings — and his ongoing dismay that nothing has been done to help ensure such horrors never happen again. “Nothing’s changed. If I went to court all over again, the result would be the same,” Mr Cuzens, 52, told The Australian.


“I’ve met with the Chief Justice of the Family Court (of Western Australia) and he told me his court did everything right.”

Mr Cuzens’s daughters, Jane and Jessica, were just 12 and 10 when their mother, Heather Glendinning, killed them in her home at Port Dension, 350km north of Perth, on December 5, 2011, in a murder-suicide that rocked Western Australia.

Mr Cuzens is now preparing to mount a legal challenge for an ex gratia payment from the government to compensate for the pain and anguish caused by what he calls “a flawed system that was biased from the very outset”.

“It’s destroyed my family and completely broken me, and it was senseless. It was absolutely avoidable — there’s been absolutely no accountability. That’s what makes it so hard,” he said.

Mr Cuzens blames the secrecy provisions of the Family Law Act for hampering his attempts to seek justice for the Family Court’s failings.

“Those psychologists and expert witnesses hold a lot of power and their decisions impact your entire family’s future,” he said. “If the court doesn’t like what they say, they just appoint another one and the whole thing keeps on going for years and years until you’re completely ground down."

“I was accused of being uncompromising but, in my view, there was no compromise."

“Their mother was not sane and fit to have custody of them — and no one wanted to hear that until it was too late.”

The warning signs had been there all along, said Mr Cuzens,

His former wife’s mental health had been in decline for years, her psychosis and paranoia exacerbated by her drug use and the stress of her protracted custody battle with Mr Cuzens regarding their daughters.

Glendinning’s growing instability had been noted by a range of government agencies, including the Department of Child Protection, the police and health ser­vices, as well as by her doctor and a growing number of friends. The couple split in 2001, instigating a progressively acrimonious legal battle, which began with disproved allegations Mr Cuzens had been violent and abusive throughout their relationship.

By March 2010, Glendinning, who was later found by the Coroners Court to be self-medicating with marijuana, had began regularly calling police to make fanciful claims that her daughters were being preyed upon by a pedophile ring involving lawyers, judges and politicians, but that they were all somehow being protected by Mr Cuzens and his family.

Baseless allegation by vindictive wife

She also made a string of allegations against Mr Cuzens and his father, accusing them of sexually assaulting the girls. All of her claims were investigated by the authorities and dismissed.

In late November 2011, the lawyer representing the girls in the Family Court became so concerned about Glendinning’s deteriorating mental state and the welfare of the children she pushed for an urgent review of their circumstance — but her application was put off until January 2012.

Two weeks later, Jane and Jessica were found dead, alongside their mother.

“My case was cut and dry — Heather was out of control when we broke up, that’s why we broke up, but I’m the one who got treated like a criminal for 10 years for trying to keep my kids safe.

“The Family Court got it wrong from start to finish and Legal Aid, who funded Heather, fuelled the fire. Together, they basically forced me to sell every asset I had because they allowed her to make so many allegations against me all paid for by the government, while everything I said was completely discounted.

“I wanted my girls to be safe. Why else would I have spent 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting for them in court? No one wants to take any responsibility and there’s been no justice for my girls.”


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