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Strawberry contamination: are we witnessing a terrorist attack.

With more than 100 incidents of needles being inserted into strawberries and other fruit in multiple brands across Australia, we can rule out a disgruntled employee or a nutter or loner.

These attacks would require a concerted effort by a number of people in different states. It has the hallmarks of a terrorist attack,

Given the size and critical role our food systems play, it shows how Australia’s food and agriculture sys­tems could be attractive terrorist targets. Terrorists may target a food product because of the potential impact on the economy, generating fear and undermining trust in the government.

There is pattern of similar attacks overseas.


Female domestic violence: Daniela Dawes murders son, walks free

Judge lets female child killer walk free

On August 4, 2003, New South Wales woman Daniela Dawes (pictured) forced her 10-year-old autistic son Jason's mouth closed and pinched his nose until he stopped struggling. 

Daniela Dawes


Describing the killing of Jason, (pictured below), on Channel Nine's 60 Minutes program, Dawes said "He was playing. I, being in a depressed state, wasn't really up for playing. And I remember he ran off and I know I followed him into the rumpus room and then it was just something that was all happening before my eyes. I had no control over what was happening that day".  

After laying Jason's body on his bed, she phoned work to say she would not be in.


Female domestic violence: four women conspire to cold-bloodedly execute boyfriend

The current narrative pushed by radical feminists and male stooges such as Prime Minister Turnbull is that all domestic violence is perpetrated by males against females. This website will, over time, present the other side of the story, starting with the story below.


It was an offer he couldn't refuse. Paul Snabel had  been partying all night. In the early hours of the morning his girlfriend Karen Randall phoned and said, meet me for sex.

Donna Randall
Donna Randall
Karen  Randall
Irene Maslin
Irene Maslin
Rhona Heaney

The sun was rising as Karen's sister Donna picked up Paul Snable and drove him to a remote property in rural Victoria. He had no inkling that this was to be his last day on earth.

For Paul Snabel was heading into a trap set by four murderous women.

Although the events occurred in 1989, they were brought to light on the Forensic Investigators program aired on Channel Seven in 2006.

Randall had wanted to permanently end the on-again off-again relationship with Paul Snabel but he was infatuated with her and kept phoning her and calling around.

By October 1989, Randall didn't want anything to do with her former lover. But he persisted and continued to phone her. It was a fatal mistake.

Randall called a meeting of her closest friends. 

At the meeting were Rhona Heaney and Karen Randall's sister Donna. The fourth member was Irene Maslin, a big, aggressive woman with a domineering personality.

Donna Randall later told police in a video-taped interview that the women had discussed Paul Snabel as "a problem that needed to be dealt with".

Then one woman, probably Maslin, coolly suggested he be killed. The sinister plot began to take shape and it was decided each of the women should be given a role in the execution.


France is lost

"What happened to Spain or Asia Minor in the 10th and 11th centuries will happen to Europe in the 21st century, that is a certainty."

This frightening statement by economist Charles Gave appeared in a story by Guy Milliere in the Gatestone Insitute's online comment on August 16, 2018

More excerpts from the story:

  • A violent fight recently broke out between the residents of Calais and illegal migrants living in a vast slum encampment -- home to approximately 6,000 migrants -- that reporters call the "Calais Jungle". The government has promised many times to take care of the situation, but has not solved the problem. Meanwhile, Calais, with 75,000 inhabitants, is a ravaged city: home prices have collapsed, shops and restaurants have closed their doors, and people are moving away.


31 more reasons to ban Muslim immigration

31 Defendants Charged with Non-Recent Child Sexual Exploitation Offences

West Yorkshire Police

Media release Wednesday 15 August, 2018

Detectives in Kirklees have charged 31 people with numerous offences including rape and trafficking with intent to engage in sexual exploitation.

The allegations against the defendants are non-recent sexual offences, having occurred between 2005 and 2012 and relate to five women. The offences were committed against them as children in the Huddersfield area and are alleged to have taken place while the women were aged between 12 and 18-years-old.


Marcia Langton's race hate outburst

Appearing on "their" ABC, Marcia Langton had this to say:

Marci Langton

As a non-violent white man I was highly offended by this outburst of race hatred.

Accordingly, I filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission


How to be a journalist in one easy lesson

Learn journalism the easy way

You can save yourself three years of politically correct, left-wing indoctrination at journalism school by just following the simple steps below.

Marxist Martin HirstLearn the following vocabulary with its emphasis on hard-hitting negative verbs:
(All of the following are regularly used in media reports. See how many you can spot next time you read a newspaper or watch the TV news.)

 Sparked (the most important word in a journalist's vocabulary), as in "sparked anger", "sparked uproar", "sparked outrage", "sparked a war of words";

 rolled, as in "Caucus rolled the Prime Minister", or  "The Minister was rolled on  the  issue". Political leaders never change their minds or review their decisions, they "back flip" or they are "rolled";

caved-in; back flip; exposed; blamed; threatened; warned; sent shock waves; shattered; pummelled; taken a hit; rolled over; attacked; intimidated; undermined; killed; spinning dangerously out of control; the death toll from a tragic ........,    


The War Against Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson arrested

Tommy Robinson arrested outside Leeds Crown Court while live streaming and jailed the same day without trial

The rule of law is fragile, and relies on the self-restraint of the majority. In a just society, the majority obey the law because they believe it represents universal values—moral absolutes. They obey the law not for fear of punishment, but for fear of the self-contempt that comes from doing wrong.

The arrest of Tommy Robinson is a hammer-blow to the fragile base of people’s respect for British law. The reality that he could be grabbed off the street and thrown into a dangerous jail—in a matter of hours—is deeply shocking.