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Western Civilization Under Siege - 3rd edition released

Updated third edition of
Western Civilization Under Siege

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New chapters on:

- The threat from China

- The assault on the Western mind


The feminists’ war on white males



Decades of a virulent anti-male narrative by radical feminists have resulted in negative stereotypes of males being embedded in our culture. If you are a white, heterosexual male who hasn’t succumbed to political correctness and therefore can still think for himself, you are probably sick of the put-down of men in TV commercials, sitcoms, and movies and the outright slandering of men by the domestic violence industry.

The world’s cultural dialogue is dominated by feminists complaining that men have all the power, yet the truth in most Western countries is that many of our laws, attitudes and social conventions make life tough for men, even going so far at times to demonize men.

How many times have you watched TV commercials and sitcoms depicting males as dim-witted, bumbling oafs outwitted by smug, all-knowing females?[i]

Or TV shows such as Criminal Minds that routinely depict males as violent, sadistic and depraved serial killers?

And what about SVU: Special Victims Unit, where the overwhelming majority of perpetrators are male (and usually white)?

Many men are incensed at their treatment in the courts and in police proceedings.


The Assault on the Western Mind

Who's who on the cover of my new book and why have I chosen them?

 Under the sub-heading, The Assault on the Western Mind is a montage of faces representing what I consider to be eight of the most critical players in reshaping and undermining the culture and philosophy of Western civilization.



Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – a truly apocalyptic threat

For years previous U.S. administrations have been aware of the potentially catastrophic threat posesd by an EMP event, both man-made and natural but did little to protect its citizens.

No lesser a figure than the former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, has warned of the extreme consequences of an EMP attack. In a speech delivered at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, on December 14, 2016, Gingrich declared that:

…. electromagnetic pulse is the largest, single threat to our civilization. It’s absurd how little we spend on coping with it, because if you harden enough, it’s not a threat; but if you don’t harden enough, and we get hit with an electromagnetic pulse, your civilization collapses.

Now the Trump administration has acted.

On October 9, 2018 the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a report entitled "Strategy for Protecting and Preparing the Homeland Against Threats of Electromagnetic Pulse and Geomagnetic Disturbances."

The following is an extract from Chapter Two of my book, "Western Civilization Under Siege" (Free download of book).

What is EMP?

EMP Starfish

The following is an extract from Chapter Two of my book, "Western Civilization Under Siege". (Free download of book).


Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – science fiction or real threat?

The following is an extract from Chapter Two of my book, "Western Civilization Under Siege". (Free download of book).

How serious is the EMP threat?

In the U.S. an official consensus exists about the EMP threat assessment above. Two Congressional commissions, the National Academy of Sciences and two ...


What happens after an EMP attack?

How would you know if an EMP attack had occurred?

You could be driving your automobile and it suddenly stops and refuses to re-start. You get out your mobile phone to call for help but notice there is no signal. You begin walking home and notice other vehicles stalled along the road. You finally reach home to find it blacked out – no lights, no TV and the refrigerator not working.

You then discover there is no running water and, after the first flush, the toilet does not refill. Even though you have solar panels on the roof, you discover that when the grid goes down the solar system automatically switches off. You switch on a battery-powered radio to hear a government message exhorting you to stay calm and that the power will be restored as soon as possible.

The truth is, power may not be restored for months or even years.


Hollywood creates a culture of violence

Hollywood violence 

Hollywood hypocrisy reached its zenith at the 2018 Oscar awards.  Some of the stars on the red carpet were wearing an orange flag pin which denotes the Everytown for Gun Safety campaign, a worthy cause, but one which is not well suited to those hypocrites. Hollywood has taught generations that problems are solved, arguments finalized and relationships terminated at the end of a gun. Some of the preening virtue-signallers would, no doubt, have returned to their studios the next day to work on the latest violent movie where a Bruce Willis - type actor solves a law and order problem by killing twenty or so miscreants with – you guessed it – a gun.


Global warming: How the IPCC distorts the facts

IPCC computer models do not accord with observations

The graphic below reveals the IPCC global warming hypothesis to be overblown scaremongering. The graphic is taken from a draft of the IPCCs September 2013 report.The coloured portions of the chart show various IPCC computer projections. The actual observations (in black) show no noticeable increase in global temperatures for the past 15 years, notwithstanding millions of tonnes of extra CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere.