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Domestic violence: young mother sentenced to life for violently shaking her baby to death

Cassandra Rose Doohan was aged 18 when she violently shook four-month-old Anastasia (pictured), inflicting catastrophic injuries on the infant, at their Capel home in Western Australia's South West region in May 2017.

Anastasia DoohanAnastasia's father found her limp and "floppy" body in her cot after he came out of the shower and the girl died at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth two days later.

The Supreme Court was told the baby died of head and neck injuries, but a post mortem examination revealed Anastasia had numerous other injuries including broken bones that were likely to have been inflicted in the days and weeks before the fatal assault.


Climate Change - The Science

The truth about climate change.

This video answers the key questions about climate change from a scientific perspective, such as:

What is carbon dioxide?

What are greenhouse gases?

How do greenhouse gases affect the eart's temperature?

Are the glaciers melting?

Are sea levels rising, and if so, to what extent?

What is the scientific method?


Climate Scientists Write To UN: There Is No Climate Emergency


A group of 500 esteemed scientists and professionals in climate science have exposed Greta Thunberg's child-scaring rants as humbug.

The group officially notified the United Nations that there is no climate crisis and that spending trillions on a non-problem is ‘cruel and imprudent’.


Chinese Communist Party propaganda - Confucius Institutes

Chinese use of soft power to extend its global influence

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) also uses ‘soft power’ to advance its influence and interests in foreign countries. ‘Soft power’ is an all-embracing term, covering propaganda, infiltration of foreign political parties and institutions, influence peddling, control of foreign media, the mobilization of overseas Chinese, and threats against dissidents.

Confucius Institutes

The Chinese government has established research centers and institutes in leading Western universities. From 2004 to 2014, it increased the number of foreign universities with Confucius Institutes (CIs) from one to 465 university campuses in 123 countries,


Press Release: North Korea's super EMP nuclear weapon could bring America to its knees

Kim Jong-un

Press release issued through

Monday, August 14th, 2017 - Kenneth Schultz


Author claims authorities hiding truth about potential North Korea apocalyptic nuclear attack

Perth-based author and researcher, Kenneth Schultz claims U.S. and Australian authorities are hiding the truth about the catastrophic consequences of North Korea unleashing a super weapon believed to already be in its arsenal - a nuclear warhead utilising EMP (electromagnetic pulse) technology, an event that could result in up to 200 million American deaths, according to expert testimony before a 2004 U.S. Senate Commission.


The origins of LGBT and same-sex activism

Waffen SSM

If you are puzzled why same-sex marriage and LGBT activism have consumed politics and media headlines in recent times and why the debate has pushed more important headlines off the front page, you need to look no further than wealthy American left-wing activist groups such as the Ford Foundation and George Soros.

The Ford Foundation doles out hundreds of millions of dollars annually to fund and promote its social engineering activities. Promotion of gay and lesbian rights is one its most important experiments.