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Media bias

MEAA journalists Code of Ethics

MEAA initiated press self-regulation in 1944 when it created the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics (see the FAQs about the Code here). You can download a .pdf of the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics by clicking here ...


How to be a journalist in one easy lesson

Learn journalism the easy way

You can save yourself three years of politically correct, left-wing indoctrination at journalism school by just following the simple steps below.

Marxist Martin HirstLearn the following vocabulary with its emphasis on hard-hitting negative verbs:
(All of the following are regularly used in media reports. See how many you can spot next time you read a newspaper or watch the TV news.)

 Sparked (the most important word in a journalist's vocabulary), as in "sparked anger", "sparked uproar", "sparked outrage", "sparked a war of words";

 rolled, as in "Caucus rolled the Prime Minister", or  "The Minister was rolled on  the  issue". Political leaders never change their minds or review their decisions, they "back flip" or they are "rolled";

caved-in; back flip; exposed; blamed; threatened; warned; sent shock waves; shattered; pummelled; taken a hit; rolled over; attacked; intimidated; undermined; killed; spinning dangerously out of control; the death toll from a tragic ........,    


MH370 mystery

 It was interesting watching the former Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Board (ATSB), Martin Dolan on 60 Minutes on Sunday night (13/5/2018). He started out at odds with the panel of aviation experts assembled by 60 Minutes by clinging to the incapacitated pilots theory.

Each of the aviation experts trashed his theory by presenting evidence, particularly of the flaperon, indicating the plane was carefully ditched under pilot control.

Then Dolan made an ...