Domestic violence: the real story
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Domestic violence: the real story

Domestic violence - Cara Lee Hall stabbed her husband to death as he slept on a mattress.

Cara Lee HallA Perth mother will spend at least 18 years in jail for stabbing her husband to death as he slept in their home, before turning the kitchen knife on two of her young sons.

Cara Lee Hall, (pictured with husband Glenn), was found guilty in a 2017 trial of murdering 33-year-old Glenn Hall at the family's home in the southern Perth suburb of Leda in December 2015, before attacking two of their four sons, who at the time were aged 11 and 4.


Female domestic violence: woman jailed for ‘brutal’ stabbing of ex-husband at playground

Witness saw his “guts fall out” like a “bag of sausages”.


On January 30, 2017 Perth mother-of-two, Michelle Fernandez, who stabbed her former husband near a busy playground, leaving him in need of more than 240 stitches, was jailed for 5½ years.

Mr Fernandez’s injuries were so severe that a witness described watching his “guts fall out” like a “bag of sausages”.


Domestic violence: young mother sentenced to life for violently shaking her baby to death

Cassandra Rose Doohan was aged 18 when she violently shook four-month-old Anastasia (pictured), inflicting catastrophic injuries on the infant, at their Capel home in Western Australia's South West region in May 2017.

Anastasia DoohanAnastasia's father found her limp and "floppy" body in her cot after he came out of the shower and the girl died at Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth two days later.

The Supreme Court was told the baby died of head and neck injuries, but a post mortem examination revealed Anastasia had numerous other injuries including broken bones that were likely to have been inflicted in the days and weeks before the fatal assault.


Female domestic violence: How to get away with murder

Domestic violence against men

On March 6, 2015 another woman using the "battered woman" defence walked free from an Australian court after being found guilty of the manslaughter of her former de-facto husband and father of her child.

Although the jury found Jessica Silva guilty of the manslaughter of James Polkinghorne, the kindly

Jessica Silva
Jessica  Silva walks free from court
James Polkinghorne
James Polkinghorne - stabbed to death by Jessica Silva

judge, NSW Supreme Court Justice Clifton Hoeben found that although she did not intend to kill Mr Polkinghorne, she did indeed intend to "cause him grievous bodily harm ", but nevertheless allowed her to walk from the court with just a good behaviour bond.



Female domestic violence: Daniela Dawes murders son, walks free

Judge lets female child killer walk free

On August 4, 2003, New South Wales woman Daniela Dawes (pictured) forced her 10-year-old autistic son Jason's mouth closed and pinched his nose until he stopped struggling. 

Daniela Dawes


Describing the killing of Jason, (pictured below), on Channel Nine's 60 Minutes program, Dawes said "He was playing. I, being in a depressed state, wasn't really up for playing. And I remember he ran off and I know I followed him into the rumpus room and then it was just something that was all happening before my eyes. I had no control over what was happening that day".  

After laying Jason's body on his bed, she phoned work to say she would not be in.


Feminists' firm grip on Prime Minister Turnbull's testicles

Considering that the results of a world-wide survey of domestic violence were releasedin November 2012, showing both men and women suffered domestic violencee in nearly equal numbers, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s media release (below), on September 24, 2015, makes him look a proper goose and illustrates his captivity, orchestrated by the feminist-controlled domestic violence lobby. His office announced:


Female domestic violence: four women conspire to cold-bloodedly execute boyfriend

The current narrative pushed by radical feminists and male stooges such as Prime Minister Turnbull is that all domestic violence is perpetrated by males against females. This website will, over time, present the other side of the story, starting with the story below.


It was an offer he couldn't refuse. Paul Snabel had  been partying all night. In the early hours of the morning his girlfriend Karen Randall phoned and said, meet me for sex.

Donna Randall
Donna Randall
Karen  Randall
Irene Maslin
Irene Maslin
Rhona Heaney

The sun was rising as Karen's sister Donna picked up Paul Snable and drove him to a remote property in rural Victoria. He had no inkling that this was to be his last day on earth.

For Paul Snabel was heading into a trap set by four murderous women.

Although the events occurred in 1989, they were brought to light on the Forensic Investigators program aired on Channel Seven in 2006.

Randall had wanted to permanently end the on-again off-again relationship with Paul Snabel but he was infatuated with her and kept phoning her and calling around.

By October 1989, Randall didn't want anything to do with her former lover. But he persisted and continued to phone her. It was a fatal mistake.

Randall called a meeting of her closest friends. 

At the meeting were Rhona Heaney and Karen Randall's sister Donna. The fourth member was Irene Maslin, a big, aggressive woman with a domineering personality.

Donna Randall later told police in a video-taped interview that the women had discussed Paul Snabel as "a problem that needed to be dealt with".

Then one woman, probably Maslin, coolly suggested he be killed. The sinister plot began to take shape and it was decided each of the women should be given a role in the execution.


Woman walks free after murdering husband using 'battered woman' defence

laire McDonaldOn March 3, 2006, a woman who shot dead her husband from a "sniper's nest" at their central Victorian property walked free from an Australian court after being charged with the murder of her husband. Not only was it murder, it was, according to the prosecution, a cold-blooded and calculated execution.

On 30 September 2004, primary school teacher, Claire Margaret MacDonald (pictured as she walks free from court), aged 39 at the time, put on a camouflage outfit and rubber gloves, grabbed her husband's high powered rifle and hid in the bushes near where the family's Land Rover was parked in a paddock on the couple's property in Acheron in Victoria, and waited for her husband to arrive.


The domestic violence industry demonizes men

Update: Extreme anti-male bias by Canberra police and courts results in innocent man's jailing for four months on false rape allegations

Domestic violence industry demonises men

(The following is an excerpt from Chapter seven of my book, Western Civilization under Siege.)

It has been shocking to watch the attempts to reduce domestic violence morph into a worldwide domestic violence industry determined to ignore evidence showing the complexities of violence in the home while avoiding prevention strategies that would tackle the real risk factors underpinning this vital social issue.

The whole thing is based on the erroneous notion that domestic violence is caused entirely by men, out of disrespect for women.


Domestic violence: Cannibal killer Katherine Knight

After sex, woman stabs husband to death and boils up his head with vegetables and invites his children to dinner

Katherine KnightThe media constantly trumpet the radical feminist line that males are violent killers, responsible for the majority of domestic viiolence.The story of sadistic killer Katherine Mary Knight may redress this imbalance somewhat.

On 29 February 2000, in what must truly be Australia's most gruesome case of domestic violence, mother of four, Katherine Mary Knight, dubbed the "cannibal killer", cold-bloodedly prepared for the violent  murder of her de facto husband, John Thomas Price, by sending the children away overnight. Then carefully selecting a sharpening steel and a long boning knife from her selection of butcher's knives, Knight began honing the knife until it was razor sharp, in preparation for the grisly task ahead.


Female Domestic violence: Husband killer, Susan Falls walks free from court

Susan FallsOn 4th March 2006, Claire Margaret McDonald gasped and burst into tears as a Victorian Supreme Court jury found her not guilty of the execution style murder of her husband, Warren John McDonald.

The court was told that McDonald had donned camouflage gear and lay in wait with a high-powered rifle for her husband to approach. She fired six shots, mortally wounding her husband.

McDonald successfully used the "battered woman syndrome" defence, claiming she had suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband.

Within days, Queensland woman, Susan Falls, (pictured) having probably read the media reports of Heather McDonald's stunning acquittal, decided to execute her allegedly abusive husband in the same fashion, in what prosecutors would describe as a cunning, calculated murder.