Threats to the West
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Threats to the West

Something is wrong - Elizabeth Krantz

Francis Fukuama famously declared the end of history is his eponymous book. I disagree with his thesis. I believe that the confluences of seismic events taking place now may well be the tipping point of history.

We are witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in history as the Western world is being bled dry by the oil crisis. The world consumes around 90 million barrels of oil per day. At US$110 a barrel, this amounts to daily transfer of $9.9 billion. At a conservative estimate, 60% or $6 billion is extracted from Western countriesdaily or $2.1 trillion annually. The wealth from the production of oil flows to countries that are in most cases unfriendly to the West or are avowed enemies of the West.

Saudi Arabia extracts $1.1 billion daily for its 10 million barrels. Much of this money is recycled by Saudi Arabia in building Madrassas, the breeding ground of Jihadis, in places like Pakistan and Indonesia, and in building mosques and Islamic schools in Western countries.

At the same time, Western countries that have succumbed to the climate change hysteria are volunteering to shackle their economies to catastpohic costs of combatting climate change.

Two of the most implacable enemies of the West, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, are bent on destroying the West by swamping it with drugs. Last year the Taliban masterminded the shipment of 9,300 tonnes of heroin out of Afghanistan, most of it destined for Western countries.


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