The Grand Jihad against the West
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The Grand Jihad against the West

The Grand Jihad against the West

Dutch politician and outspoken critic of Islam, Geert Wilders, in his book, Marked for Death, issued this dire warning:

We are facing a determined enemy who is striving through all means to destroy the West and snuff out our traditions of free thought, free speech, and freedom of religion. Make no mistake: if we fail we will be enslaved.

In most Muslim countries the people are subjected to the totalitarian socio-political doctrine that Islam calls shariah, where women are repressed and draconian laws prevail. Under shariah, polygamy, marital rape, wife abuse, female genital mutilation and underage forced marriages are rife.

Translated as "the path", shariah is a comprehensive legal and political framework. Though it certainly has spiritual elements, it would be a mistake to think of shariah as a "religious" code in the Western sense because it seeks to regulate all manner of behaviour in the secular sphere - economic, social, military, legal and political.

Shariah has been, for over a half-century, lavishly financed and propagated by Islamic regimes (particularly Saudi Arabia and Iran), through disciplined international organisations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Organisation of Islamic Conference.

The jihad process is a two-pronged attack on Western countries and Western civilisation. On the one hand, Western governments have become distracted in fighting a clearly-identified military jihadist enemy in Afghanistan.

Far less recognisable, however, is the menace posed by jihadist enemies who operate by deceit and stealth from inside the gates. The latter threat is, arguably, a far more serious one to open, tolerant Western societies.

The local insurgents have become highly skilled at exploiting our tolerance, civil liberties, multiculturalism and racial vilification laws.

Multiculturalism, political correctness, misguided notions of tolerance and sheer wilful blindness have combined to create an atmosphere of confusion and denial about the current threat facing Western civilisation. The subversion campaign known as a "civilisation jihad" is taking place under the noses of government authorities.

Sheikh Mohammad Akram, author of An Explanatory Memorandum

"The process of settlement is a 'Civilisation-Jihadist process' with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilisation from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions" - An Explanatory Memorandum


Yusuf al-Qaradawi

"We will conquer Europe, we will conquer America! Not through the sword, but through dawa (stealth)" -Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Details of this stealth jihad came to light in a document entered into evidence in the 2008 United States v. Holy Land Foundation terrorist finance trial. The document titled An Explanatory Memorandum: On the General Strategic Goal for the Group was written in 1991 by Mohamed Akram, a senior Hamas leader in the U.S. and a member of the Board of Directors of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America (MB, also known as the Ikhwan).Read the full document to understand what the jihadists have in store for the West. The document makes it clear that the Islamic Movement is an MB effort, led by the Ikhwan in America. The Explanatory Memorandum goes on to explain that the "Movement" is a "settlement process" to establish itself inside the United States and, once established, to undertake a "grand Jihad" characterised as a "civilisation Jihadist" mission.

Although referring to the U.S., the document uses the phrase "eliminating and destroying Western civilisation". The Muslim Brotherhood operates in most Western countries through its multitude of front groups and affiliates. Nearly every organisation operating within  Western countries with the word "Islam" or "Muslim" in the title is set up to promote the civilisation jihad through dawa (Islamisation through stealth and deceit).

They are actively infiltrating academia and student groups, as well as legal, media, finance, political and judicial groups.

Multiculturalism has opened the floodgates to Muslim immigration to Western counties. There are now more than six million Muslims in France. France has 79 no-go areas for police where Muslims rule.

Guy Milliere, a professor of cultural history and legal philosophy at the Sorbonne, predicted that Muslims who now make up about 12 percent of France’s population, would in the years ahead account for more than 20 percent. In twenty years, he believed, Muslims would be a majority. He had these chilling words about the future of France:

France will become a Muslim country. French leaders know it. They will never take a decision that could make young radical Muslims angry. French leaders have no choice except to be leaders of the Arab-Muslim world.

France is the main enemy of Western civilization. The most dangerous enemy is always the enemy within, and France is the enemy within.

The Jihadists cannot believe their good luck at the stupidity of Western nations opening the floodgates to Muslim migration while stifling dissent with racial vilification laws. And aided and abetted of course by a left-wing media ready to shriek “racist” or “bigot” at anyone foolish enough to question the Muslim immigration and infiltration.

Welcome to Belgistan

So declares the graffiti around Brussels, Belgium's largest city. Already one quarter of its population is Muslim, and they are expected to be in the majority within 20 years.

Watch this revealing (and scary) video where Abu Imran, leader of Shariah4Belgium, openly declares that Shariah law will be implemented when Brussells become majority Muslim.

Islam is all about submission (Islam means submission). The dawa infiltration within our society is aimed at our submission. Every time a kindergarten bans Christmas carols or a nativity play for fear of offending Muslims or a recreational centre allows special clothing or closed classes for female Muslims or  the government sets up a Muslim advisory group containing jihadists or a police officer backs away from an aggressive, burqa-clad woman screaming "racist", we have to that extent, submitted to Islam.

‘The end-point of war is to bring about an amenable state of mind in the enemy’

Islam means submission

In their stealth program, the Islamists are constantly pushing Western authorities into submission. Submission is a prelude to Islamic subjugation, conquest and domination. Some examples illustrate how far this submission goes:

  • In 2012 the FBI eliminated hundreds of pages of “anti-Islam” educational material from its own training programs and those of other law enforcement agencies.

  • On April 24, 2012, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin E. Dempsey ordered a similar purge, calling on the entire U.S. military to “review” its educational and training classes, files and rosters of instructors to ensure that no member of the  armed services were studying material “disrespectful of the Islamic religion.” (American Betrayal p 9,10)

  • In 2006, Ezra Levant was the only publisher in Canada to allow his readers to see the so-called “Mohammed cartoons”. As a result he was investigated by the government of Alberta and subjected to three long years of judicial harassment. (After America p 296)

  • The Swedish minister of integration, Jens Orback, said we must be nice to Muslims now so that when they are in the majority they’ll be nice to us. (After America p 297)

  • In 2008 the Australian government funded the establishment of the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies (NCEIS) , a three-university consortium comprising the University of Melbourne, Griffith University and the University of Western Sydney, to "promote understanding of Islam and Muslims".

    In 2009 the NCEIS of University of Melbourne launched, in conjunction the Australian Curriculum Studies Association, Learning From One Another; Bringing Muslim Perspectives into Australian Schools,  a 120-page Islamic indoctrination course aimed at Australian schoolchildren. The document contains gross distortions and falsehoods, presenting a positive, sugar-coated version of Islam. For example, while claiming to promote inclusiveness, the document which positively promotes Islam to our children, supports separate Muslim facilities, separate financial institutions, separate rules within the schools system and separate foods.

    The workbook has been widely distributed to teachers. The NCEIS runs workshops for teachers to carry the indoctrination back to the classrooms.

  • A number of Muslim organisations run a Mafia-style protection racket in Western countries called Halal certification - certifying the food is permissible under Islamic shariah law.  Halal certification schemes are widely imposed on non-Muslims. Certification schemes began in the 1980s and are funded by consumers through a multi-level system of one off and recurring fees, paid by suppliers to Islamic organisations. It is in effect a hidden Islamic tax on goods and services.

    The contributors to these schemes include most major dairy companies, poultry suppliers, abattoirs and large multinationals like Simplot, Unilever, Nestle, Cadbury, Kraft and many more. The International Market Bureau of Canada estimates the Halal industry is worth over $560 billion each year. The Q Society of Australia says it is around $2.3 trillion, and expanding by 20% per year.

    These schemes are not limited to food alone, with products and services ranging from halal certified cosmetics to water, trucks, warehousing and sharia finance, there is no limit to the schemes. Plans are in place to certify every step of the market from suppliers of animal feed, to food processing and eventually the transport to your supermarket and shopping bag. Few products are labelled as certified halal. Most meat and dairy produce bought in supermarkets or when eating out are now halal certified, but not labelled.

    A US report in May 2014 revealed that Cadbury was in real trouble with its export market. After having paid an Indonesian Halal Certification group the correct protection money, the Malaysian Health Ministry found traces of pork DNA in its products. All hell broke loose. Cadbury agreed to recall all pork “tainted” items from stores overseas, a massive undertaking amid cries of foul play. More than 20 Muslim groups called for a boycott on all Cadbury’s products, saying that a holy war needs to be waged against the confectionery giant for attempting to “weaken” Muslims. So lucrative is the scam that different certifier groups are vying with each to collect the protection money.

    The massive taxes raised from Western consumers finance such Islamic activities as promotion of shariah law, the building and operation of madrassas and mosques to operational costs of Islamic terror groups.

  • On July 7, 2005 suicide bombs ripped through three London underground trains and a double-decker bus, killing fifty-six. The British were stunned to learn the bombers were Muslims, born and bred in Britain. When the BBC began referring to “terrorists” and “terrorism” BBC news chief Helen Boaden soon put an end to this, ordering reporters to speak of “bombers” not “terrorists”. Even the BBC’s reportage, archived online, was retrospectively cleansed of the offensive words. And how did the authorities react to the terrorist act?

    The chief constable in Nottinghamshire gave his four thousand officers green ribbons to wear as a sign of solidarity with Muslims. In a craven act of submission, the Bedfordshire police put out orders that when  raiding Muslim homes, officers should remove their shoes, not disrupt prayer, look away from uncovered women, and  not use dogs (who would “desecrate the premises”).

  • In January 2008, the British government officially adopted new language for declarations about Islamic terrorism. Islamic terrorists were henceforth to be referred to as people pursuing “anti-Islamic activity”, because “linking terrorism to Islam is inflammatory, and risks alienating mainstream Muslim opinion” (Marked for Death p 11)

  • On June 4, 2009, President Obama prostrated himself before the Islamic world in his famous (or infamous) televised speech at al-Azhar University in Cairo. In Obama’s address to “Muslims around the world” he announced “a partnership between America and Islam”, stating that “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes about Islam.”

    Born to a Muslim father, Barack Hussein Obama,  further proclaimed that “Islam is part of America” and we “overlap and share common principles”. The Islamic world interpreted Obama’s weasel words at Cairo’s al-Azhar University, the chief centre of Sunni Islamic learning in the world, as declaring that henceforth America’s president would be subservient to Islam’s political agenda.

    By the definition of war above, the end is near.

    As Mark Steyn wryly observed:

      How quickly the supposed defenders of liberal, pluralist, Western values came to sound as if they were competing to be Islam’s lead prison bitch.


    Obama bows in submission
    President Barack Hussein Obama bows in submission before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia



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