Racist attacks in Australia
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Racist attacks in Australia

Martin Lehmann

Aboriginals in racially-motivated attacks on whites

West Australian residents are used to seeing Aboriginal crime regularly portrayed in the nightly TV news.

Scenes of car chases and victims of muggings, rapes and bashings have become almost ho-hum.

But the escalation and savagery of Aboriginal attacks on whites in recent times have alarmed a complacent public.

Aboriginals attack police
Two police constables arrive at Royal Perth Hospital after being flown from Meekatharra where they were attacked by a 200-strong mob of angry, drunken Aboriginals. The male constable was king-hit, losing teeth and suffering damage to an eye socket. The female had a suspected broken jaw and bruising
John Rukuata may lose the sight in his left eye after being viciously attacked by an Aboriginal gang
20-year-old Ryan was walking through Northbridge when he was punched in the face and hit his head on the ground, fracturing his skull and jaw. The attacker was a young Aboriginal man. Ryan had to be kept in a medically induced coma with bleeding in several places in his brain
Aboriginal attacker
This is the man police wish to speak to in connection with the brutal attack on Ryan
This is the woman police wish to speak to in connection with the frenzied attack on Amanda Wells
Part-Aboriginal Jeremiah Farmer was charged with bashing to death white youth Leon Robinson and escaped justice on a legal technicality

Police officers viciously bashed by drunken Aboriginal mob

Three police officers were attempting to break up a wild brawl between 200 drunken Aboriginals who had gathered at the Meekatharra hotel in outback Western Australia following a funeral, when the mob turned on them.

Constable Shane Markham was king-hit and savagely bashed, losing teeth and suffering a broken eye socket which left him temporarliy blind.

Female officer, Constable Christina Johnson was thrown to the ground, held down an repeatedly kicked.

Both officers had to be flown to Perth by the Royal Flying Doctor Service for treatment.

At their trial, the two main Aboriginal perpetrators were given lenient sentences by nototious bleeding-heart, District Court Judge Kate O'Brien. For his vicious attack on Constable Markham, Peter Laylan was given a jail sentence of just two and a half years.

For the cowardly attack on Constable Johnson, Leonard Wells was jailed for four and a half years.

Constable Markham said later that the assault has taken a huge emotional toll on him and his family.

Man left for dead after being viciosly attacked by Aboriginals

A young white man Albie Lyons was walking home in the Perth suburb of Mt Lawley when he was set upon and savagely bashed by three Aboriginal boys. The thugs  stole Mr Lyons wallet and mobile phone  and left him for dead.

He was discovered in a coma the next morning. Doctors had to remove part of Mr Lyons skull to relieve pressure on his brain. He is still in a coma.

Two Aboriginal youths have been charged over the incident. A third is still at large.

Aboriginals bash defenceless grandmother

Last week two Aboriginal youths bashed a defenceless 73-year-old grandmother, Beryl, as she worked at the Curtin University canteen. One youth has been charged over the offence.

Man  may lose eyesight after Aboriginal attack

Bouncer John Rukuata was working at a nightclub in Perth's Northbridge area when he was viciously attacked by up to 12 Aboriginal teenagers.

He was so savagely bashed that both eyes are just slits in a grotesquely swollen  purple face. Doctors have told Mr Rukuata that he may lose the sight in his left eye.

Two Aboriginals have been arrested over the bashing.

Aboriginals attack female police officer with hammer

Amanda Wells called into a convenience store to buy a meal before starting work. As she was getting into her car she was attacked by an Aboriginal woman and dragged from her car.

When she identified herself as a police officer, the woman and her male partner went into a frenzy and attacked Ms Wells with a hammer.

An Aboriginal man has been charged over the attack.

Aboriginal gang brag about killing white youth

Perth was shocked by the brutal racist killing that occurred on Christmas Eve 2002.

Leon Robinson, 21, attempted to get a lift from a passing car after a night out with his friends at Perth's Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Mr Robinson made the fatal mistake of flagging down a car driven by part-Aboriginal Jeremiah Charles Farmer. Farmer and his gang got out of the car. A second carload of Aboriginals also stopped. The gang viciously attacked Mr Robinson who fell to the ground. He was then repeatedly kicked by several attackers as he lay motionless on the ground.

Farmer dragged Mr Robinson's body off the road before speeding off.

Despite revival attempts by passers-by and ambulance officers, Mr Robinson did not regain consciousness. He died in hospital on Christmas morning.

At the trial of Farmer and three youths,  prosecutor Dave Dempster told the court that the Aboriginal gang later stopped and bragged to each other about attacking a white guy.

The West Australian public was horrified when the  gang walked free from court on a legal technicality.

Aboriginals at war with whites

After a generation of being force-fed propaganda about the evils of white people, many Aboriginals are engaged in a guerrilla war with white society. This is manifested in the increasingly violent attacks on elderly, frail and vulnerable whites.

You can see them in the nightclub and restaurant area of Northbridge. They walk up and down in small groups. As the night wears on and they fill up with alcohol and drugs, they become increasingly threatening, yelling to each other, kicking windows and abusing and spitting on restaurant patrons.

After midnight they start looking for white victims to bash. You take your life in your hands walking alone in Northbridge after midnight.

Other gangs terrorise passengers on Perth's suburban rail system. Many Perth residents are afraid to travel on the trains after dark.

The gangs are particularly violent towards police officers. They realise that the police are all that stand between them and complete anarchy.

The do-gooders bleat about Aboriginals being "over-represented" in jails. The above examples illustrate why there are so many Aboriginals in jail. Thanks to the taxpayer-funded Aboriginal Legal Service and bleeding-heart judges, Aboriginals are actually under-represented in jails.


  1. Justice 27 Jan 2014

    Its time the aussie government took a stand and treated all citizens the same and used the same principles for aboriginals as they do the rest of the nation by not treating aboriginals with silk gloves and got them off Centrelink and prosecuted them appropiatly when they commit crimes. Australia must wake up !!!

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