MH370 mystery
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MH370 mystery

 It was interesting watching the former Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Board (ATSB), Martin Dolan on 60 Minutes on Sunday night (13/5/2018). He started out at odds with the panel of aviation experts assembled by 60 Minutes by clinging to the incapacitated pilots theory.

Each of the aviation experts trashed his theory by presenting evidence, particularly of the flaperon, indicating the plane was carefully ditched under pilot control.

Then Dolan made an amazing claim at the end of the program that it was no longer necessary to find MH370. When asked why by interviewer Tara Brown, he said because we all have come to a conclusion on the fate of MH370.

And what conclusion is that, asked Tara Brown.

We all agree that that the aircraft was under pilot control when it ditched, said Dolan.

I am paraphrasing, but that is essentially what was said. Incredible about-face.

Tara Brown is not much of a journalist. The question begging to be asked was, “Why then did the ATSB waste three years and $200 million dollars looking in the wrong place?”

And perhaps a follow-up question, “Did the Malaysian government put pressure on the Australian government to not find MH370 to avoid billions of dollars in damages claims?”

Dolan’s expertise to handle a complex aviation search typifies the government approach in appointing senior bureaucrats. Martin Dolan has a Bachelor of Arts degree, with honours in French.


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