Marcia Langton's race hate outburst
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Marcia Langton's race hate outburst

Appearing on "their" ABC, Marcia Langton had this to say:Marcia Langton

As a non-violent white man I was highly offended by this outburst of race hatred.

Accordingly, I filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission.

This woman has been lionised by the elites and the left and this is how she repays us.

Following are excepts from the ACHR complaints form:

What happened?

Describe the event(s) that you want to complain about:

On 3/8/2018 Professor Marcia Langton stated on the ABC program "The Drum" that “Many Aboriginal men don't understand that Aboriginal women were not treated in Aboriginal culture in the way they have been taught by white people. They've adopted a very white Australian attitude towards Aboriginal women.”

I am extremely offended by this racist comment by Professor Langton. It is a slur on me and all white Australians.

Supporting documents

Attached are:

1) a sreen shot of Marcia Langton together with the above quote as it appeared on The  Drum's Twitter account

ABC reference

2) A screen shot of a tweet by Aboriginal woman Jacinta Nampijinpa who has actually lived in Aboriginal communities and states the falsehood of Langton's racial hatred outburst.

How do you think this complaint could be resolved?

A prosecution under the Racial Discrimination Act.


I urge all Australians also offended to lodge a complaint. This will test the AHRC to see if will act on complaints on behalf of white people.

It is quite simple to lodge a complaint. Just download the AHRC complaint form here


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