How the Ford Foundation manipulates public opinion to promote its Marxist agenda
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How the Ford Foundation manipulates public opinion to promote its Marxist agenda

One of the greatest threats to Western society comes not from external forces, but from the enemy within – groups and individuals dedicated to the weakening of the fabric of Western society in preparation for the establishment of their particular agenda, whether it be the overthrow of capitalism, installation of a Marxist system or taking sovereign countries into a system of world government ruled by unelected elites, or a combination of all three.


One of the largest and most dangerous concentration of unchecked power in the United States is the Ford Foundation, an organization with annual discretionary spending of around $500 million. It is spending power, moreover, for the political left, including organizations with cultural Marxist goals.


Because it claims tax-free status as a charity, the Ford Foundation must submit an annual tax return (Form 990) detailing its “charitable” spending.


We have analysed the 2017 Form 990 to gauge their level of spending on certain current controversies in Western society. Ford’s spending on just thirteen of these leftist agendas amounted to a whopping $145 million in the 2017 return.


That spending buys a lot of manufactured public opinion.


The leftist agendas and Ford’s spending is detailed in the table below. Click on ‘View list’ to get a list of donations for that agenda item.

 Ford Foundation donations to activist groups for 2017 


      Project      Amount Donated  Recipients
LGBT $14,927,800  View list
Muslim $7,240,600  View list
Feminist $1,600,000  View list
Social justice $29,832,193  View list
Racism $2,765,100  View list
Diversity $8,410,049  View list
Race $15,760,750  View list
Gender $25,467,367  View list
Climate $9,246,475  View list
Freedom of expression $5,954,000  View list
Sustainability $7,092,800  View list
Womens rights $1,682,600  View list
Indigenous $15,817,517  View list




Page no. on the list refers to the page number on Full Form 990

What is the impact on impressionable minds when flooded with hundreds of millions of dollars of propaganda messages?

  • He, she, and ze: A guide to modern gender pronouns  Indeed, getting somebody’s gender pronouns wrong can have serious consequences, as Caroline Farrow, a Catholic commentator who debates the issue on television, discovered The mother-of-five, who has strong religious views, claims she was asked by Surrey Police to attend a taped interview after she was accused of using an incorrect gender pronoun during a discussion on Twitter.

    (The above table reveals that the Ford Foundation handed out $25 million during 2017 to gender activists).

  • Same-sex marriage legalised in Australia as Parliament passes historic law When the vote was declared on the floor of the House, the packed public gallery exploded into cheers and applause, while MPs crossed the chamber to embrace each other, waive (sic) rainbow flags and in some cases cry.

    (The Ford Foundation has for many years paid LGBT activists to promote their gender politics. In 2017 the foundation handed out $14.9 million to LGBT activist groups).

    BIS Warning: climate change 'may trigger next GFC'
  • The world’s most powerful central banks have issued a stark warning that climate changecould trigger the next financial crisis, as a “disruptive” shift in asset prices sparks an unpredictable “green swan” event and potentially leaves some economies unviable.

    In an expansive new report, the Bank of International Settlements has warned that central banks around the world risk becoming “climate rescuers of last resort”.

    (The Ford Foundation doled out $9.2 million in 2017 to climate activist groups)

         Mona Eltahway

After assimilating the information from the Ford Foundation, Soros and other left-wing groups, charming, eloquent Mona Eltahway, gives her well-considered views on some important topics including racism, patriarchy, transphobia, homophobia, as well as some inspiring words on capitalism and President Trump.







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