Deadly cold weather
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Deadly cold weather

Deadly cold snap in US shatters temp. records, sends even polar bears to shelter

Published time: January 08, 2014

Record freezing temperatures gripped the entire US, including Hawaii, as a major winter storm hit the country. The alarming weather brought ice and heavy snowfall caused by a 'polar vortex', bringing many cities to a standstill and killing at least 21.

U.S. Midwest, Northeast hit by bitter cold temperatures

'It's just a dangerous cold,' National Weather Service meteorologist Butch Dye says

The Associated Press Posted: Jan 06, 2014 5:56 AM ET

The coldest, most dangerous blast of polar air in decades gripped the U.S. Midwest and pushed toward the east and south on Monday, closing schools, grounding flights and forcing people to pull their hoods and scarves tight to protect exposed skin from nearly instant frostbite.

Nearly 187 million Americans, more than half of the population of the U.S., were under a wind chill warning or advisory Monday.

First the storms, now PLUNGING temperatures to bring ICY MISERY to the UK

AFTER weeks of stormy weather, Britons are to face a new challenge as plunging temperature bring treacherous icy conditions to many parts of the country.

Britain on snow alert as Europe freezes over

More than 220 people have died across Europe as a result of the cold snap, with Ukraine bearing the heaviest toll.

People have been found dead on the streets in some countries, while thousands have been trapped in mountain villages in Serbia. In Italy, Venice’s canals started freezing over and even Rome was dusted in snow.

The lowest temperatures recorded on the continent were in the southwest of the Czech Republic, where they dropped as low as -36.5F (-38.1C) overnight on Thursday.



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