Book: Western Civilization Under Siege
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Book: Western Civilization Under Siege

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We are at a Critical Point in the History of Western Civilization

Extract from Chapter 1

Warnings to the West

Harvard adjunct professor and eminent historian, Niall Ferguson, in his highly acclaimed book, Civilization: The West and the Rest, declares:

We are living through the end of 500 years of Western ascendancy.[i]


Professor Ferguson goes on to say:

I warned that the United States had imperceptibly come to rely on East Asian capital to fund its unbalanced current and fiscal accounts. The decline and fall of America’s undeclared empire might, therefore, be due not to terrorists at the gates, nor to the rogue regimes that sponsor them, but to a financial crisis at the very heart of the empire itself.[ii]


Internationally renowned social commentator and author Mark Steyn, in his bestseller America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, issued this ominous warning:

Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive the twenty-first century, and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most European countries.[iii]


Dutch politician and outspoken critic of Islam, Geert Wilders, issued this dire warning:

We are facing a determined enemy who is striving through all means to destroy the West and snuff out our traditions of free thought, free speech, and freedom of religion. Make no mistake: if we fail we will be enslaved.[iv]

Douglas Murray argues in The Strange Death of Europe that “Europe is committing suicide,” as proven by the mass immigration of thousands of young Islamic men and the failure by many within academia, the media and politics to acknowledge and defend the unique strengths and benefits of Western civilization on which Europe is based.


Such is the dire nature of events, Murray concludes:

By the end of the lifespans of most of the people currently alive, Europe will no longer be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home.[v]

The West has implacable enemies ranged against it. They are highly motivated, highly resourced and highly organized. As well as threats from enemies, Western nations face grave dangers financially from generations of welfarism and fiscal irresponsibility.


The assault on the Western mind

As well as physical threats from terrorists and rogue states, the West is embroiled in another Cold War. This war is a war of ideas, of infiltration, propaganda and cultural destruction from enemies within the gates. Tragically, Western authorities don’t even realize they are at war.

At the heart of the attacks on Western civilization are Marxist academics, left-wing journalists and authors who are re-writing history, undermining the foundation of Western civilization by emphasizing the evils of slavery, treatment of indigenous and oppressed colonial populations and the phony evil, “racism,” while studiously ignoring or downplaying the enormous benefits and advances of our great civilization. Behind these groups are what can only be described as an axis of evil, manipulating public opinion and thought and quietly but relentlessly closing down free speech.

These individuals, groups, and movements will be examined and exposed in subsequent chapters.

The activities of these enemies of the West have wrought havoc on our culture. The result is that the vast majority of politicians, journalists and academics and many well-meaning people can be best described as suffering from mass psychosis. They are marching to a common drum-beat which makes them say and do crazy things.

How else can you describe the activities of Western European leaders such as Angela Merkel, openly and blatantly supporting a population replacement program that will ultimately result in the barbaric Islamic culture replacing the once-proud and magnificent European culture?

How else can you describe the activities of human rights commissions dragging people before their Star Chambers for daring to say things that are outside of the strict orthodoxy of thought?

How else would you describe the phenomenon of hundreds educated scientists abandoning their training in the scientific method to join a quasi-religious cult that deems a trace gas essential to all life on earth to be a harbinger of doom for the planet? And based on the flawed prophesy of an anti-Christ in the form of carbon dioxide, Western politicians are scrambling to shut down all generators of cheap electricity as well as severely inhibiting industrial production.

At a time Western nations are losing faith in their great civilization, they face mortal enemies on a number of fronts.


Chapter 1: We are at a Critical Point in the History of Western Civilization

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