Aboriginal road to perdition
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Aboriginal road to perdition

There is no doubt that Aboriginal Australia is stumbling inexorably down the road to perdition. Recent events indicate they are knocking on the very gates of hell.

In the dysfunctional Aboriginal community of Balgo in Western Australia, one in four children are addicted to petrol sniffing. In 2003, 43 per cent of children born in Balgo suffered low birth weight - less than 2.5 kg. A 16-year-old boy, Owen Gimme hanged himself on 7 November 2002 and 17-year-old Mervyn Milner hanged himself on 23 September 2003. Both were addicted to petrol sniffing.  There were eight suicide attempts by young people at Balgo in the same period.


Petrol snifferAboriginal youth, Steve Uluru sniffs petrol from a can under his coat at the Northern Territory Aboriginal community of Mutitjulu while attending a coronial enquiry in into the deaths of three other petrol sniffers.

Aborigianl victim Roseanne Holroyd

Roseanne Holroyd of Porpuraaw community in Cape York lost her left eye when her de facto husband, Alistair Pamtoonda, in a drunken rage, thrust a broomstick in her eye. Pamtoonda was violent towards Ms Holroyd throughout their relationship. She continues to wear a white gauze patch over her eye.

Cynthia Bernard

Cynthia Bernard of Kowanyama community in Cape York in Queensland was blinded in the right eye during a flogging from her son.


A 16-year-old boy from Balgo was charged with the rape of a 4-year-old girl.

Aboriginal children as young as two are being diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases in remote Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal leader Mick Dodson has described the level of violence against children as  particularly "devastating" and "beyond comprehension" - including abuse of babies too gruesome for him to describe.

"Our children are experiencing horrific levels of violence and sexual abuse", he said in address to the National Press Club. The problem was "at crisis point" as children suffered incest, paedophilia and assault, and babies fell prey to rapists.

The Queensland Domestic Violence Taskforce has estimated that 90 per cent of Aboriginal families are affected by violence. The taskforce said Aboriginal women were 45 times more likely than non-Aboriginal women to victims of violence.

Life for many urban Aboriginals is not much better than that experienced by those in remote communities. Levels of crime, violence, drug-taking and unemployment are massively higher than the for the rest of the population. This is in spite of enormous assistance from governments, welfare agencies and charitable groups. Aboriginal benefits include the dole, housing assistance, special medical services, Abstudy grants and special privileges not enjoyed by the rest of the population.

Three decades of anti-white, blame propaganda trumpeted by the black aristocracy, academics and media have imbued many Aboriginals with feelings ranging from self-pity, resentment and  anger, to a deep hatred of white society and white people.

The hatred manifests itself in the savage attacks on white people by Aboriginals. There have been numerous bashings of frail elderly whites by Aboriginals. Gangs of Aboriginal children and youths hunt in packs along Perth's railway stations looking for white prey. When they find a suitable target they attack like crazed animals.

Aboriginal crime, violence, anti-social behaviour  and a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude is rapidly alienating urban Aboriginals from a once-supportive white population.

Australian News Commentary has produced many articles over the years highlighting the dire plight of Aboriginal Australia.

We occasionally receive emotional outbursts from  bleeding hearts who declare that we are racists, bent on attacking Aboriginals. Nothing could be further from the truth. The do-gooders and elites have little choice but to defend their position. To admit we are right is to admit they are wrong - disastrously wrong.

Thanks to politically incorrect people like us, and to enlightened Aboriginals leaders such as Noel Pearson and Warren Mundine, governments  and white Australia are slowly coming to the realisation that Aboriginal society in its present form is doomed.

We have for some time put forward a solution to the problem.

It is slowly dawning on politicians, elites and do-gooders that their patronising policies towards Aboriginals has produced what can only be described as a catastrophic destruction of Aboriginal society - it is in fact genocide.


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