Drugs and crime
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Drugs and crime

Drug decriminalization in Portugal

Drugs in Portugal: Did Decriminalization Work? By Maia Szalavitz Sunday, Apr. 26, 2009  TIME SCIENCE Pop quiz: Which European country has the most liberal drug laws? (Hint: It's not the Netherlands.) Although its capital is notorious among stoners and college kids for marijuana haze–filled "coffee shops," Holland has never actually legalized cannabis — the Dutch simply don't ...

War on drugs - consequences of prohibition

Elizabeth Krantz One of the greatest threats to the quality of life and social stability in Western nations is the lawlessness and corruption caused by the prohibition of certain drugs. The prohibition, as in the US alcohol prohibition experience, has created a criminal class of armed, vicious thugs and their hordes of enforcers, traffickers, crooked lawyers, accountants, politicians and police, that threaten the very foundations of our democratic society. Many ...