Cultural destruction
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Cultural destruction

The merchandising of violence

The merchandising of violence Following each gun killing, such as the killing of 32 people at Virginia Tech by deranged gunman, Cho Seung-Hui, the anti-gun lobby comes out in force, demanding tighter gun laws. For people who grew up inĀ  the 50s, gun ownership was commonplace and unremarkable. Most families in country towns owned guns, along with many city dwellers. Yet gun massacres were unheard of. Gun-related homicides by registered gun owners were extremely ...

Welfarism, social engineering and political correctness

Welfarism, social engineering and political correctness There is no greater example of the culturally corrosive power of the combination of welfarism, social engineering and politicalĀ  correctness than the terrible evil that this deadly trio has wrought on Australia's Aboriginal population. Billions of taxpayers' dollars are lavished on keeping many Aboriginals in remote outback locations. There is no industry to employ them so they are given "sit-down" money. Instead of ...