Western Civilisation's Coming Apocalypse now available at Amazon
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Western Civilisation's Coming Apocalypse now available at Amazon

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My new book is now available as a Kindle book on Amazon. During the pre-launch stage, it can be purchased for just A$2.02, after which the price will rise to US$7.95

Editorial review

This extraordinary book brings a grim warning to the West.

In Western Civilisation’s Coming Apocalypse, Kenneth Schultz exposes the existential threats to Western nations, and indeed Western civilization. He starts by quoting Mark Steyn, “Much of what we loosely call the Western world will not survive the twenty-first century and much of it will effectively disappear within our lifetimes, including many if not most European countries".

While Mr Steyn is concerned mainly with the Islamist threat, this book is unique in that it covers the multitude of threats facing the West and Western civilisation, including threats posed by:

  • The Islamic goal of implementing sharia law throughout the West
  • An increasingly aggressive China
  • Rogue states such as North Korea and Iran
  • Financial collapse of hugely indebted nations living beyond their means
  • An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, man-made or natural
  • Supranational bodies and the global governance movement usurping national sovereignty with the ultimate aim of creating a world government run by unelected elites
  • Creeping cultural Marxism and political correctness infesting Western universities and institutions and the consequent undermining of free speech
  • The ruinous financial and industrial consequences of the green movement’s global warming campaign

In Kenneth Schultz’s opinion, and the opinions of many commentators, some of these threats, if not taken seriously and dealt with accordingly, will usher in the end of the freedoms and lifestyles enjoyed by the citizens of many Western countries, and ultimately the end of Western civilisation.

One threat in particular, largely overlooked by the media and the ruling classes is the threat posed by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. Such an attack, if it came to pass, would send the attacked country back to the pre-industrial age, with the consequent loss of millions of lives.

Schultz covers the history of Islam and sharia law in detail and reveals the Islamic 3-prong attack on the West:

  • Terrorist attacks to strike fear into the hearts of  citizens and authorities and so weaken Western resolve and promote appeasement
  • The Muslim Brotherhood’s “civilization jihad” – the infiltration of Western institutions and the setting up of numerous front groups and charities
  • Implementation of the insidious sharia law via al-Hijra (the Islamic doctrine of immigration). If sharia is implemented  in your country, the fabric of Western law and liberty will be ripped apart.

But the book is not all doom and gloom. The final chapter sets out in detail the steps necessary to prevent, or at least mitigate, each of the threats identified in the book.

Well-researched with nearly 400 endnotes citing sources, this book must be taken seriously by Western authorities.

We are the inheritors of the greatest civilisation that ever existed. If you prize Western civilisation and want to hand on its legacy to your descendants, you should read Western Civilisation’s Coming Apocalypse



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